Fendt harvesting technology

For a perfectly coordinated grassland harvest

The first cut of the year – a very special moment for dairy farmers and their employees. This is because the quality of the grass forage is crucial for healthy animals, for the yield, and also for the economic success of the entire farm. Green forage harvesting and subsequent processing is a complex process in which several steps are intertwined. As a full-line manufacture, Fendt offers the entire product range for this purpose, from the mower to the loader wagon.

High impact with high forage hygiene at the same time

THE combination for economic success in grassland
With short harvesting windows, what counts is maximum efficiency
The characteristics of green forage harvesting are the small time windows determined by the mowing operation being just right and beating the weather risk. The forage is of little use if it is not harvested in time. Too late, too early, too wet, too dry - the harvest quickly loses its forage value. So when the right time for harvesting comes, you should act quickly and efficiently. Farmers, employees and contractors must be able to rely on the high performance and reliability of the machines at all times. Driven by the success of Fendt tractors, we are now passing on all our knowledge, passion and vision to forage harvesting technology. Our Fendt Slicer front mower and rear butterfly mower combination, stand for pure power & efficiency.
Gentle, clean harvesting methods guarantee the best forage quality
Farms with good basic feed performance have a better basic feed intake and usually also higher milk yields. This means that it is important to achieve low feed losses and good feed qualities with high digestibility. Clean feed is critical. The degree of contamination is assessed on the basis of the raw ash content. If this is above a certain percentage, soil contamination is to blame. Apart from vermin, frequent causes of contamination are, driving tracks through the forage which cause contamination from the soil, which then get into the grass, especially during raking. Poorly adjusted harvesting equipment also often leads to high soil input. Starting with the mower, which must be set at the right height, optimally coordinated technology is also important for all subsequent operations such as raking, loading and baling. With a working width of up to 13.8 m, the innovative Fendt Former hay rakes ensures that nothing but high-quality forage ends up in the windrow.

Fendt harvesting technology

Discover our top products along the harvesting chain

1. Fendt Slicer mowers

With the Fendt Slicer disc mowers, you always get a perfect and consistent cutting height. This guarantees an excellent mowing result and the highest forage quality. Our Fendt Slicer front mower and rear butterfly mower combination, with many clever details ensures an impressive working output

  • Hydraulic side shift for precise cutting when cornering or drifting
  • A perfect, clean cutting pattern even on difficult terrain thanks to 3D ground adjustment
  • The right cutter bar for every situation thanks to the easy quick-change blade system
  • Intelligent, professionally engineered designed for light traction and low tractor fuel consumption
  • Maximum ground protection thanks to patented TurboLift system for the floating cut

2. Fendt Lotus tedder

The unique performance tines make the Fendt Lotus one of the most efficient tedders in its class. The shape and position of the tines ensure a much more precise pick-up and movement of grass and hay. Thanks to the maximum possible stability of the Lotus models, high driving speeds with up to 50 % more output can be achieved . The result is maximum working efficiency with a perfect result.

  • Excellent ground adaption due to the short distance between wheel and tines leaves the turf undamaged and the forage clean
  • Arranged dragging tines easily avoid obstacles and prevent annoying tine breakage with their flexibility
  • Extra sturdy tine arms for high power transmission and maximum durability
  • Special tine attachment with variable angle of operation for easy swap over to headland spreading or windrowing at night. Also protects against tine loss.

3. Fendt Former hay rake

One, two or four-rotor hay rake, regardless: all Fendt formers are designed so that it’s easy for you to get your quality forage into shape. Clever technical details ensure that nothing gets out of shape, even on the headland, and the stable construction ensures a long service lifetime.

  • Large working widths, high working speed and clean, consistent raking quality thanks to ISOBUS
  • Speed-dependent raking height adjustment FlexHigh, for best forage quality at high working speeds
  • Optimum overlap in curves or slopes thanks to Gap-Control
  • MyMemory stores machine settings such as tedding widths, lift height at the headland, working width or rake height adjustment for quick field changes

4. Fendt Tigo combi wagon

Whether as a loading wagon or bulk transport wagon, the Fendt Tigo can be used flexibly, compactly and enduringly without conversion. With our All-rounder you work efficiently and harvest without loss of quality. Highest forage quality, best utilisation of the loading capacity and rapid unloading make it the perfect partner on the team.

  • High loading volume of 31 to 54 m³ (DIN) with light and compact design
  • 80° pivoting multifunctional bulkhead with VarioFill
  • No dirt deposits thanks to plastic wipers that can be swivelled out to the side
  • Intelligent, patented automatic loading system combines maximum extension of the loader wagon with optimum forage protection
  • Smallest gap clearance on the market for highest cut quality and low over-length portion
  • Optimum forage flow due to close spacing and perfectly coordinated rotor and pick-up speeds
  • Wide rotor finger tines ensure maximum loading power with maximum forage protection
  • Convenient FlexSharp knife sharpening device available

5. Fendt Rotana balers

High bale densities, precise cut and a secure bale chamber. In this way, valuable green fodder is turned into perfect silage for the best animal health. At the same time, the Fendt Rotana can convince you with perfect features such as a fast ejection, fast wrapping process and easy handling. With floatation tyres, a wide pick-up with optimum ground adaption and the light, but at the same time robust construction, the Rotana balers from Fendt are at home in any terrain.

  • Film on film binding ensures immediate start of the silage process, perfect density and bale shape, optimum protection of the forage and easy material disposal
  • Short downtimes thanks to Rapid Reload System for convenient, easy loading and fast material change (net/film)
  • Intelligent, electromagnetic braking system for optimised stretching of the binding material
  • Increased functional safety due to the film giving the optimum oxygen barrier for high forage quality due to automatic adjustment of the wrapping height to the bale diameter (perfect overlapping of the film layers and uniform film stretch)
  • No damage, no oxygen ingress thanks to lowest bale placement on the market

6. Fendt Katana forage harvester

With the Fendt Katana harvester, you experience precise control with the highest performance and the best harvest quality for maize, grass and energy crops. At the same time, the Fendt Katana is particularly fuel-efficient. In combination with Fendt tractors, your fleet is perfectly equipped for harvesting.

  • Completely redesigned crop flow - Optimum crop compaction and feeding to the chopping drum is done through 6 pre-press rollers
  • Optimum harvest quality with low over-length forage and give good compensation for uneven swaths
  • Largest knife drum on the market for high centrifugal mass and particularly smooth running
  • Innovative sharpening device for knives that are always sharpened optimally and evenly over the entire width with minimal wear at the same time
  • Ideal shape and cross section of the chute for particularly high throughputs, and large service openings for good accessibility

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3 questions for Grassland Product Expert Hendrik Deppe

Interview with product expert Hendrik Deppe

Interview with product expert Hendrik Deppe

We ask product expert Hendrik Deppe how Fendt's product portfolio has changed, what know-how Fendt has in forage harvesting technology and what sets Fendt apart from other agricultural machinery manufacturers.

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In grassland, various machines are used, from mowers to loader wagons.Often it comes down to special details that have a significant influence on the performance of the machines:
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Contractor Nadine Lieker
Nadine Lieker is a contractor from Trebel in northern Lower Saxony. She is at home in grassland and uses Fendt forage harvesting technology very successfullyin her business. Forage harvesting technology from Fendt. The technology-loving entrepreneur prefers to sit behind the wheel herself and drives the really big tractors with a lot of expertise and passion. Experience more in the video

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