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Land covers 13.4 billion hectares of our earth. Farmers around the world cultivate over 5 billion hectares of this, and today feed more than 7 billion people. This will rise to nearly 10 billion by the middle of the century. So they are facing enormous challenges. And these could not be more different due to climate and geographical conditions: High temperatures, extended periods of rain or dry periods with very short harvest windows and enormous acreage. What farmers need above all are the best machines, attuned to their requirements.
With this Power Trio, Fendt has the fitting solution for applications around the world: the sowing machineFend Momentum with maximum precision. The Fendt Rogator for efficient plant protection. And the king of the field, the Fendt IDEAL combine harvester.

The best machines for a successful season

From sowing to plant protection and fertilizing through to the harvest
Everything starts with sowing: Fendt MOMENTUM achieves maximum precision

Let's look at Canada. There is a continental climate here with very long winters. As soon as spring arrives and the ground is navigable, crops must be sown at high speed. The challenges for sowing technology rise with the extremely short sowing window. The high-precision Fendt MOMENTUM single grain sowing machine has proven itself in this area:

  • Constant accurate output even on uneven ground thanks to Precision Planting
  • SpeedTube® seed tubes ensure precise sowing even at high sowing speeds
  • Fully automatic ground protection through the Load Logic weight management system
  • Constant automatic adjustment of tyre pressure to current working conditions
Efficient protection and fertilizing: With the versatile Fendt Rogator 900

In most Central European countries there is a very broad crop rotation with corresponding long harvests. Here high performance and flexibility are required. Perfect for the Rogator 900, our sprayer can performer a wide range of applicatons over the entire crop cycle. Its versatility and optimal control are particular features of the machine:

  • Change from standard to high-clearance use in less than 45 seconds
  • Change from liquid to dry use in less than two hours
  • Full machine control thanks to the integrated, intuitive Fendt Varioterminal™
  • Outstanding traction: AWD SmartDrive™ continually drives each wheel independently of the others
The king of the field: Bring in the harvest with the Fendt IDEAL combine harvester

North America is a continent with massive dimensions. In the USA farm sizes of up to 500,000 hectares are not uncommon. To be able to harvest fields of this size, combine harvesters work to their maximum. The Fendt IDEAL is a machine that impresses under the most challenging conditions with uncompromising quality and reliability.

  • A perfect view of the cutterbar and crop intake with comfortable and ergonomic joystick steering
  • Robust, solid and durable construction of the PowerFlow header for ideal results
  • A clean sample in the grain tank thanks to a precise IDEALbalance system
  • Three different chaff spreader settings easily controlled from the cab
  • Unprecedented unloading rates through two grain tank variations with enormous capacities
Would you like to see facts that impress over the whole line? See the facts for yourself
This long term test of the Fendt IDEAL 9T gave some impressive results. The test was independently performed by the agriculture technology magazine Profi.
Test results

Maximum comfort for the most relaxed drivers in the world

Fend MOMENTUM, Rogator and IDEAL were designed for use over large areas with their exceptional precision, power and reliability. Due to the size of the areas, but also through shorter harvest and plant protection windows, farmers spend many hours of the day on their machines. So we at Fendt have a special focus on the driver workspace and the technologies. Everything to significantly increase working comfort for farmers.

Intelligent machine control: The Fendt MOMENTUM thinks with you and takes stress off of the driver.

Using several sensors, the Fendt MOMENTUM calls up data from the row units. Such as ground contact, separation accuracy, seed placement and liquid fertilizer distribution. The data is analysed and displayed on the 20|20® terminal in real time. With this information, the driver can adjust the machine to the conditions from the cab. Via the 20|20® terminal, functions such as SectionControl and VariableRateControl can be used. It also enables subsequent analysis of the saved data and creation of application maps from the sensor data in the machine.

Spacious and comfortable: The Fendt cabin in the Rogator 900

The VisioPlus cab of the Fendt Rogator 900 enables an unhindered view of the field through the continuous windscreen. The multi-functional joystick and the Fendt armrest including Varioterminal 10.4 ensure ergonomic operation. The cab has a dual filter system with activated charcoal filter to protect the driver from dust, aerosols, fumes and chemical residues. Numerous options such as heated seats, sound system and various storage options round out the comfort of the cab.

Perfect view: Fendt IDEAL workspace with Vision Cab and IDEALdrive

The new, quiet Vision Cab not only provides the optimal all-around view. It also has numerous novelties for even more driving comfort and stress-free work. On the first glance in the cab of the Fendt IDEAL 10 you immediately notice the lack of steering column. It is the first standard combine harvester in Europe that has no steering wheel. The steering is operated with a joystick. With the IDEALdrive steering, the machine is controlled proportional to the movement of a joystick on the left side of the operator. Vision Cab and IDEALdrive provide for the best view of the header when cutting and create an optimal view for the driver even when driving on the road.

Great performance by the Fendt Power Trio

Experience our largest machines during their global applications. Power, endurance and technical precision meet breathtaking design.

Interactive World Map

Want to go on a little trip around the world? Experience how farmers in Canada, can harvest large areas in the shortest period of time. Or how in South Africa, yields of over 25 tonnes of corn per hectare can be achieved. On our interactive world map you can click on Brazil, Australia, Central Europe and the USA.

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